YESS-Seminar with Gerd Leipold, ex-head of Greenpeace International
For early career scientists: Gerd Leipold will give a talk within the YESS-seminar series on career opportunities. The seminar gives all participants the opportunity to learn more about the extended field of climate policy, sustainable development and, specifically, work for NGOs. The former head...
08.06.2014 - 12.06.2014
CWE2014 - 6th international Symposium on Computational Wind Engineering
Auf der CWE2014 werden die neuesten Erkenntnisse im Bereich der Anwendung von Computersimulationen im Windingenieurwesen im fachlichen Austausch von Expertinnen und Experten aus den Bereichen Bau- und Maschinenbau, Mathematik, Softwareentwicklung, Meteorologie, Physik und Umweltwissenschaften...
04.09.2014 - 05.09.2014
"System States and Transition of Tidal Estuaries"
Estuaries – semi-enclosed bodies of water where riverine freshwater mixes with marine waters – are the epitome of transition zones in the Earth system. Estuarine systems bracket the continuum from the non-tidal river end to the coastal regions of freshwater influence (ROFIs). Interfacing land and...